Quest Recap aka “Do All the Things”

This weekend was Quest for Wit and Wisdom, the Settmour Swamp camping event where the new Archery, Fencing, A&S, Heavy, and Brewing champions are decided. Saturday was archery tournament run designed by the former champion Kinryu for which I was the Marshal in Charge for because he is not a marshal. The heat was brutal and the sun bore down on us all but overall, it was a fun shoot. Unfortunately, the day started a bit rough when Rachael sat down for the first shoot and her quiver shifted under her and ended up breaking two of her eight bolts. During the shoot, she hit the targets but her bolts blew through the target and got lost in the tall grass behind the range. Just like that, she was down to three bolts and would have had to bow out after the first shoot if not for the kindness and generosity of Baron Thor (seriously, thank you from us both). The first shoot ended up being a head to head shoot with 8 targets and each person having 6 arrows. Targets only counted for the first person to hit them. I’m not sure of the name of my opponent but we both rushed and missed our first few shots. After that, I slowed down and focused and took 4 targets for 8 total points. As the shoot went on with advancing men (which were actually really cool targets), making the best of a set of 5 shots in dice (which Miles and Rupert destroyed by getting straights of 2-6 for 80 points each), laurels, and saving Caesar. It was a lot of fun and in the end, Miles had the highest score but I had the highest score among those willing to take on the job making me the new baronial archery champion of Settmour Swamp. Rachael shot really well especially for her first tournament and she should be really proud of how she shot (I promise I’ll get your new set of bolts done before the next archery tournament). After the archery, we had a couple of kids come shoot on the range (out of respect to them and their parents, I will leave them nameless unless they would like me to mention their names). They seemed to enjoy shooting the targets especially the roman soldier. The heat and sun made most people call it short so the range cleared out for the most part after the tournament and the kids shoot. I decided to go check out thrown weapons since it’s on my list of things try when I don’t have so many other things to do. It turns out I have a knack for it because I was able to hit the target with all three axes (unfortunately, one went into the pink card that was negative points) but it definitely is something fun to try out more when I can. We ended up spending the night at my mom’s (since she lives up the road and a bed and air conditioning beats sleeping in the heat on an air mattress especially when the next day involves fencing and we both got sunburned a bit)

The next day started off with us both turning in our entries for the A&S display. Rachael had been asked by Don Orlando to make a pair of beautiful black-work cuffs prize for the historical tournament he runs at Pennsic which she submitted for the competition and I made a trio of squirrels in the German style of cut paper known as Scherenschnitte (pictures will be posted later). After that, we were off to fence. The tournament was very interesting and involved coins and cards and lots of stabbing and fun. In the end, Rachael had a beautiful kill on Don Owynn and I managed to land a very nice shot on Firebow’s mask. Everyone fought really well especially Rachael, Lucy (Berenika), Stacey (Elizabeth), Jonathan, and Dutchess Caoilfhionn (the f is for fun!). I love fighting you guys and can’t wait to fight yall again soon. At the end of the day, Firebow became the new rapier champion and, for a short time, all three of Orlando’s cadets (Vivian was the A&S champion who stepped down) were all champions in the barony. That’s all I got for this post. I’m sorry it couldn’t be longer and have more details but I’ll try and edit it later and add more. Keep doing what you love and finding new things and always have fun.


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